The Smart Glass Wall Buyers Guide for Commercial Spaces

Many commercial spaces have turned to smart glass for their glass partitions, doors, and windows to add flexibility to the workplace. Incorporating smart glass ensures that the design is both beautiful and functional. A combination of intelligent glass and Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology, smart glass walls, windows, and doors will revolutionize your commercial space.  With the flip of … Read More

It’s Clear Smart Glass has a Bright Future

Smart glass windows for commercial office buildings and universities are beginning to become a fixture on the architectural landscape. The technology is especially popular in hospitals where it has revolutionized the concepts of privacy and hygiene. With the flick of a switch, patients can maintain their dignity away from prying eyes. Residential customers are just beginning to scratch the surface … Read More

7 Glass Curtain Wall Options for Building Interiors

Glass curtain walls are a way to add unique style and originality to the interior of your building design. Characterized by glass paired with an aluminum track or framing, glass curtain walls are generally non-load bearing and provide a beautiful aesthetic throughout an office, school, or retail space while creating necessary separation between spaces.  They can also aid in hallway … Read More

8 Glass Office Door Designs to Modernize Your Office 

Whether your office design incorporates glass partition walls or traditional drywall, incorporating glass doors for the office is a great way to introduce additional natural light and provide visual access to what is going on in the greater office space. With a variety of customizable options to choose from, office door design gets a shot of excitement with the incorporation … Read More

Interior Glass Wall Experts: Avanti Systems USA provides innovative glass wall design solutions for commercial spaces at home and abroad

Office by Avanti

“Led by design.” That is the maxim of Avanti Systems USA (Avanti Systems), renowned for its innovative design, manufacturing and distribution of interior glazed solu-tions, including acoustic solutions, operable walls and door systems. Working out of its Greenwich, Connecticut-based headquarters, the company’s sophisticated technologies and attention to aesthetics have propelled Avanti Systems to the forefront of the interior glass wall market.

But Won’t It Break? 4 Glass Wall Misconceptions

Utilizing glass partitions and panels in office design is quickly becoming a go-to for modern and contemporary offices. The benefits of installing glass wall partition systems as a way to create separation in open concept office layouts are far-reaching and not only impact employee health and well-being, but also have benefits as far as sustainability, cost reduction, flexibility, and reduced … Read More

7 Benefits of Incorporating Glass Office Partitions in Hospitals

Modern Hospital Building

  Over the years, hospitals have undergone a significant transformation. What used to be regarded as a design that was impersonal and sterile has now become one that puts patients first and creates environments conducive to healing. Balancing the needs of patient privacy and confidentiality with their need of spaces that encourage healing is not an easy task, however. Hospitals … Read More

27 Glass Partition Design Ideas to Open Up Your Office Space

A growing trend that has revolutionized today’s office design is the inclusion of glass partitions to separate workspaces. As offices focus on creating a more open and collaborative work environment for their employees, glass partitions have become the logical means to achieve this end. As an added bonus, many offices seeking LEED credits can earn points by installing glass office … Read More

The Interior Glass Market, 2018

Ubiquitous in our lives since the dawn of civilization, glass is certainly not a new material. But, thanks to changing attitudes and a significant boost from technology, it is experiencing a rebirth as a major player on the interior design landscape. Expanding its product range to accommodate the demands of today’s savvy interior glass market, the industry features forward thinking, … Read More