Lunar LCD Privacy Smart Glass

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Technical Data
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(Elevation, CAD Details & Specs)

  • Maximum Glazing Panel Width: 60″
  • Maximum Glazing Panel Height: 12′-0″
  • Glazing Available: 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 3/4″
  • Frame Finishes Available: Brushed Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Custom Colors
  • STC Rating: 35+
  • Energy Data: 110Vac/60hz
  • Energy Consumption: ON (transprent): 4watts/sq meter; OFF (privacy): 0 watts
  • Haze Range: 2.9 +/- 0.5%
  • UV Block: Greater than 98%



The Lunar Smart Glass Partition System utilizes PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology which allows completely transparent glass to transform to private in I millisecond. It is able to provide stylish glass partitions with the option of privacy of a traditional wall. Some features include: low power consumption, senor capabilities, linear or curved configuration options, optional colors and custom graphics, solar reduction up to 40%, single and double glazed, and fully de-mountable. The Lunar LCD Smart Glass Partition System may be integrated with any of our floor-to-ceiling or freestanding glass wall systems.

The system accommodates laminated LCD glazing in thicknesses of 5/16” to 3/4″. The maximum panel size is 41”x 144”. Configurations may be straight, angled or curved. LCD, pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed. Glass doors (single glazed and double glazed) are all compatible within the system. Standard frame finishes include: polyester powder coated finish (RAL), brushed finish, stainless steel finish and custom finishes are also available.

Technical Data

Download Architects Package

(Elevation, CAD Details & Specs)

Lunar LCD Privacy Smart Switchable Glass Elevation
  • Detail 01
    LCD Glazed Door

    LCD Glazed Door Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF
  • Detail 02
    LCD Glazed Panel

    LCD Glazed Panel Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF
  • Detail 03
    Single Glazed With Leads

    Single Glazed With Leads Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF
  • Detail 04
    Double Glazed With Leads

    Double Glazed With Leads Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF

  • Detail 05
    LCD Glazing Section

    LCD Glazing Section Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF
  • Detail 06
    LCD Wiring Elevation Individual Switches

    LCD Wiring Elevation Individual Switches Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF
  • Detail 07
    LCD Wiring Elevation One Switch

    LCD Wiring Elevation One Switch Download Detail: DWG | DXF | PDF

LEED 2009 (v3): MRc3, MRc4, MRc5, MRc7, EQc4.2, EQc8.1 and EQc8.2.

LEED v4: MRc1, MRc3, MRc4, MRc8, EQc2, EQc7 and EQc8.

Q: Maximum height achievable?
A: Standard height allowable 10’0” for 1/2″ glass. We can go higher with 5/8″ or 3/4″ glass and/or structural fins. (Anything higher can be engineered accordingly with the assistance of heavier track or seismic header channel and/or thicker glass).

Q: What is the maximum glass size available?
A: 48” x 120” as a rule of thumb however, job conditions, unloading conditions and elevator size may determine the largest glass size that can be used on the job.

Q: What are the glass thicknesses that can fit the system?
A: Our system is extremely versatile, we can support – 1/2″, 5/8″ & 3/4″ glass thicknesses.

Q: Which doors can I incorporate with the system?
A: All glass doors, all glass doors with acoustic frame, acoustical double glazed door with acoustic frame.

Q: What are my Finished opening Tolerances?
A: On the floor or ceiling or walls the tolerance allowable out of plumb , level and square are 1/8” – 3/8” at Maximum. (anything outside of these tolerances will require either shimming or custom shaped or cut glass to fit perfectly).

Q: What are the standard aluminum and hardware finishes available?
A: Brushed or polished stainless steel.

Q: Can I select a custom color for the aluminum paint finish?
A: You may choose any color or finish of your choice but know that anything outside of the standard, additional costs may apply. We can match any RAL color.

Q: Does Avant offer design and engineering assistance?
A:Yes, we can assist in the planning of your project, please see our Engineering & Design Service

Q: What is the tested sound rating for the system?
A: Lab tested 35 STC for a single glazed system, up to 44 STC for a double glazed system.

Q: What is the Avanti material warranty?
A: Our material warranty is 2 years.

Q: What is the lead time for the framing system?
A: 4-6 weeks for most systems and applications. Custom finishes, custom hardware and custom details will add to the lead time.

Q: How ready should my surrounding opening be for dimensions to be taken?
A: Preferred to be a finished/finalized opening when taking dimensions but if it is for an un-built space, we would work off HOLD to dimensions and you and or your Framing Carpenter agree on and have signed off so the opening is built to the dimensions that all the parties agree and the Glass was the same. This will help with lead times so that as soon as your opening is built, your glazing materials are there and ready to go.

Door Options

Pivot Glass Door

Pivot Glass Door

Hinged Glass Doors

Hinged Glass Doors

Double Glazed Acoustic Doors

Double Glazed Acoustic Doors

Standard Sliding Glass Doors

Standard Sliding Glass Doors

Premium Sliding Glass Doors

Premium Sliding Glass Doors

Timber Doors

Timber Doors

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