Acoustic Double Glazed Glass Swing Door

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  • Acoustic Performance : Up to 36 dB
  • Glazing: 3/16″ thick glass on each side (1 1/8″ air space between glass panels), custom glass configuration available upon request
  • Available Glazing Types: Clear Tempered, Low Iron, Laminated & LCD Privacy Glass
  • Standard Frame Finishes Available: Standard RAL 9006 and Clear Anodized. Custom Color Powder Coating Available
  • Available Hardware: Optional Integral Blinds, Free Swing & Self Closing Options, Locking Lever Handle, Standard Lever Handle, 4 1/2″ Hinges, Recessed Floor Closer, Offset Pivots



Double Glazed Acoustic Swing Doors fit seamlessly into the Solare Double Glazed, Elevare Stacking Double Glazed High Wall , Movare Movable Double Glazed or Transverto MonobIock Modular for superior sound resistance and style.

Tempered, laminated and low iron glazing is compatible with the door, and may be clear, patterned or have a custom graphic. The Double Glazed Acoustic Swing Door fits into straight or curved configurations. A pair of doors is also an option for wider entryways. Our handles, hinges, pivots, and closers are compatible with the Double Glazed Acoustic Swing Door. Available frame finishes include our standard polyester powder coated finish (RAL color choices), Brushed Finish and Stainless Steel Finish. Custom finishes are also available. Besides having an acoustic rating of up to 43dB, we offer the option of integrated blinds within the 1 1/8” air space between the glazing panels for privacy.

Technical Data

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(Elevation, CAD Details & Specs)

Acoustic Double Glazed Swing Glass Door

System Integrations

Solare Double Glazed

Solare Double Glazed Pivot Glass Door

Elevare Stacking Double Glazed High Wall

Stacking Double Glazed High Wall

Transverso Modular Monoblock

Transverso Modular Monoblock

Movare Movable & Folding Double Glazed

Movare Movable & Folding Double Glazed Glass Partition Systems

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