Pros and Cons of a Home Office

Office home house desk

A dedicated home office space can take up valuable living space that could be put to another use for your or your family.

Examples of Green Roof Design

Futuristic Isometric Green City

With its green roof garden of large trees for shade, VTN Architects Binh House in the “House for Trees” series in Vietnam, is a study in glass, cement and greenery. Designed to infuse tropical gardens, open spaces and water into a crowded urban area that has lost its connection to nature, Binh House’s plan improves the microclimate by introducing natural … Read More

How Glass Can Enhance and Transform Advertising

Back View Of Asian Business Woman

As the quality of advertising glass continues to improve with thinner, brighter, high res, edge-lit displays, advertising glass is definitely getting our attention. Unlike the constant barrage of traditional advertising that has become the white noise of our lives, advertising glass is giving us a wake-up call in virtual living color.

Can Concrete Be A Sustainable Choice?

Cozy Patio Area With Concrete

Of course, there is a “but,” and in today’s eco-conscious world, it’s a big one. When you consider the embodied energy—or the total energy consumed by all the processes associated with the production of a building—concrete is at the top of the scale. It also has the lowest recycle value. In short, sustainable concrete construction has a long way to … Read More

Expanding Role of Glass in Construction

Office Building

As technology continues to develop, supporting projects like the “Tectonics of Transparency,” the 21st century is destined to be the age of glass. No longer just generic material designed to facilitate the viewing of something that lay beyond, glass is not what we want to see through. It’s what we want to see.

Looking Through the Glass

Looking through the glass

We created windows and wealthy Pompeiians showed off their glass window panes as a symbol of their affluence. We developed the process of staining glass and what began as adornment for church windows evolved into a contemporary artform. A thousand years later, sustainable and eco-friendly glass tiles and mosaics add sparkle and distinction to even the most institutional spaces. Artistic … Read More

Making a Good First Impression: The Reception Area

The Reception Area

As grossly unfair as it may seem, your clientele will summarily judge your company’s success, as well as the competency, relevance and character of your workforce based on their visceral reaction to your anterooms. Whether you are operating a dentist’s office, heading up a fashion empire, or selling widgets, your reception design has the daunting task of luring clientele into … Read More