How to Select Glass Panic Doors for Commercial Spaces

Certain commercial spaces, namely those equipped with an automatic sprinkler system or buildings used for assembly or educational purposes, require panic doors as a means of egress. In certain situations, panic doors are necessary to comply with the code where doors cannot include a latch or lock other than panic hardware or fire exit hardware. Knowing the code for your … Read More

Prefinished Wood Doors: 8 Reasons to Use Timber Doors in Your Office

Office designs are increasingly becoming more modern. Whether as a result of new technology or innovative building materials such as glass and metal, modern designs can benefit from the natural warmth and beauty that comes as a result of incorporating wood throughout the design. Wood is a classic building material that has been used for centuries to construct everything from … Read More

8 Benefits of Installing a Self-Closing Sliding Door

For an office to run at maximum efficiency, many things need to work together. Providing employees with the necessary tools and technology, creating a workspace conducive to productivity with glass partition panels, and making movement through the office as smooth as possible, can all help in setting up an efficient office space. One small design change can have a positive … Read More

Framed Glass Doors: 7 Office Designs with Glass Doors That are Framed

Office doors sustain a lot of use over their lifetimes and are the first impression of an office as people enter, so it’s important to choose an office door that can stand up to use over time and make a good impression while doing it. One option that offers a host of benefits for the office is a framed glass … Read More

Tempered Glass Sliding Door Designs for Your Office

Tempered Glass Sliding Door

A modern office deserves modern conveniences. One modern convenience is the integration of tempered glass sliding doors. Offering safety and ease of installation and use, sliding glass doors are the perfect choice for your office. What Is Tempered Glass? Tempered glass has undergone a specialized heat-treatment process. Glass is run through a tempering oven and then goes through a quenching … Read More

Project Spotlight: Remington Row

Remington Row apartments, located in Baltimore, is a creative space thoughtfully designed for innovators, trailblazers, and entrepreneurs as an inspiring place to call home. In designing the Leasing Office and Closing Office, it was important that the first impression of Remington Row reflected its overall aesthetic. A blend of textures and materials makes the office space at Remington Row stand … Read More

Timber Swing Doors: A Better Alternative to Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Office doors sustain a substantial amount of use throughout their life. To ensure that they stand up to high levels of everyday wear and tear, it’s important to consider the best materials for your space. Aluminum clad wood doors, timber doors, and glass doors are all options, each offering their own benefits. Timber and glass doors come out on top … Read More

5 Benefits of Point-Supported Glass Systems

Point Supported Glass Systems

Large spaces can be difficult to design, especially if one space needs to serve multiple purposes. This difficulty can be alleviated with a point supported glass system. The point-supported glass allows for flexible configurations, high wall applications, superior aesthetics, and natural light. What Is a Point-Supported Glass System? In a point-supported glass system, glazed panels are connected together with spider … Read More

Project Spotlight: Samuel Lewis

The offices at Samuel Lewis are uniquely designed around a balcony that looks down to the lower levels of the building. Wanting to increase levels of natural light, they chose large areas of glazing to create an open feel where employees and clients feel part of the larger space. An atrium wall system was designed to overlook the stairways that … Read More

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Accordion Glass Walls

Accordion Glass Wall

Accordion glass walls, also known as folding glass walls, will revolutionize your commercial space. Not only do they fold out of the way to create a flexible and adaptable space, but they also create a contemporary look and aesthetic that fits with the most stylish and modern spaces.  This flexibility allows you to use one space for multiple purposes. You … Read More