Project Spotlight: Ford Dagenham

Ford Dagenham in London, England was founded in the 1930s as an automobile manufacturer. In 2002, it no longer focused on vehicle assembly but shifted its focus to manufacturing engines, and in 2008, was the largest producer of Ford diesel engines globally. It is the home of the “Panther line” that manufactures EcoBlue engines that power Ford’s vehicles including the … Read More

Solar Power Building Technologies

Lotte World Tower

Solar power technology continues to evolve – emerging as a premier source of renewable, affordable energy. Rising to the challenge of making us less dependent on environmentally damaging fossil fuel, a growing cadre of architects are redefining the future of design by focusing on solar power integration. The principle of solar energy remains unchanged: Photovoltaic materials capture the sun’s energy, … Read More

High Efficiency Design in Schools

High Efficiency Design in Schools“I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” So sang the late Whitney Houston, reminding us so eloquently just how important it is to cherish our greatest resource. As parents we strive to create safe and nurturing home environments for our precious little ones, but home is not … Read More

The Interior Glass Market, 2018

Ubiquitous in our lives since the dawn of civilization, glass is certainly not a new material. But, thanks to changing attitudes and a significant boost from technology, it is experiencing a rebirth as a major player on the interior design landscape. Expanding its product range to accommodate the demands of today’s savvy interior glass market, the industry features forward thinking, … Read More

Can Concrete Be A Sustainable Choice?

Cozy Patio Area With Concrete

Nobody has ever questioned whether concrete can withstand the test of time. As far back as 3000 BC, the Egyptians made a form of it from gypsum lime mortars. The Romans had their own recipe which included Quicklime, pozzolanic ash and an aggregate made from pumice. The proof is in ancient structures like the Coliseum and Pantheon that still attract … Read More

Photovoltaic Glass Architecture Exposed into Two Scales

Modern Sustainable Building

For proof that the future is now, look no further than photovoltaic glass. This cutting-edge technology essentially transforms glass into solar panels that convert light into electricity. Lest there be no misunderstanding, the answer is yes. We are talking about windows that generate their own power. It’s clean, green, and very cool. Photovoltaic glass incorporates transparent semiconductor-based photovoltaic—or solar—cells by … Read More

The Rise of Glass Giants: 20 Different types of glass in a new Seoul

Seoul downtown cityscape

It looks like a simple monolithic tower but the newest, sleekest, addition to the Seoul skyline is actually an exceptional feat of engineering, comprised of 20 different types of glass. The Lotte Tower, a creation of American architectural firm, Kohn, Pederson, Fox (KPF), rises 1821 feet into the clouds—123 stories—making it the tallest building in South Korea and 5th tallest … Read More