Prefinished Wood Doors: 8 Reasons to Use Timber Doors in Your Office

Office designs are increasingly becoming more modern. Whether as a result of new technology or innovative building materials such as glass and metal, modern designs can benefit from the natural warmth and beauty that comes as a result of incorporating wood throughout the design. Wood is a classic building material that has been used for centuries to construct everything from … Read More

8 Benefits of Installing a Self-Closing Sliding Door

For an office to run at maximum efficiency, many things need to work together. Providing employees with the necessary tools and technology, creating a workspace conducive to productivity with glass partition panels, and making movement through the office as smooth as possible, can all help in setting up an efficient office space. One small design change can have a positive … Read More

Framed Glass Doors: 7 Office Designs with Glass Doors That are Framed

Office doors sustain a lot of use over their lifetimes and are the first impression of an office as people enter, so it’s important to choose an office door that can stand up to use over time and make a good impression while doing it. One option that offers a host of benefits for the office is a framed glass … Read More

Which Types of Folding Glass Doors Are Right for Your Space?

Commercial Folding Glass Doors

Designing a commercial space presents a variety of challenges. Commercial folding glass doors can add increased flexibility to a space, thereby reducing the design challenges. Why Choose Folding Glass Doors for a Commercial Space? Companies, offices, hotels, schools, and even hotels need dynamic spaces to accommodate a variety of needs. In the interest of sustainability, commercial spaces are increasingly using … Read More

The Smart Glass Wall Buyers Guide for Commercial Spaces

Smart Glass

Many commercial spaces have turned to smart glass for their glass partitions, doors, and windows to add flexibility to the workplace. Incorporating smart glass ensures that the design is both beautiful and functional. A combination of intelligent glass and Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology, smart glass walls, windows, and doors will revolutionize your commercial space.  With the flip of … Read More

7 Ways to Add Folding Glass Walls to Your Space

Folding Glass Walls

In today’s ever-changing work environment, business and office designs benefit from building in flexibility and a variety of options for different configurations based on their evolving needs. Achieving this level of flexibility sounds like it’s easier said than done, but this is where folding glass walls come to the rescue. Folding Glass Wall Systems From creating workplace dividers to privacy … Read More

Pros and Cons of a Home Office

Office home house desk

Hard to believe, but there was a time not too long ago when a company functioned by hiring a workforce to travel to its workplace. Everything necessary to complete the job was in this permanent work space and consequently, so were you. With the internet and the myriad of devices at our fingertips, the definition of “work environment” has dramatically … Read More

How Glass Can Enhance and Transform Advertising

Back View Of Asian Business Woman

Glass and advertising. Two ubiquitous staples in our culture. Both are virtually everywhere we look. One has always served a purpose architecturally. The other is an influential device that both shapes and reflects who we are. But together, combining the force of advertising with the latest high-tech smart glass delivery system, they are the ultimate power couple, impacting consumers on … Read More

Looking Through the Glass

Looking through the glass

We created windows and wealthy Pompeiians showed off their glass window panes as a symbol of their affluence. We developed the process of staining glass and what began as adornment for church windows evolved into a contemporary artform. A thousand years later, sustainable and eco-friendly glass tiles and mosaics add sparkle and distinction to even the most institutional spaces. Artistic … Read More

Making a Good First Impression: The Reception Area

The Reception Area

As grossly unfair as it may seem, your clientele will summarily judge your company’s success, as well as the competency, relevance and character of your workforce based on their visceral reaction to your anterooms. Whether you are operating a dentist’s office, heading up a fashion empire, or selling widgets, your reception design has the daunting task of luring clientele into … Read More