Timber Swing Doors: A Better Alternative to Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

Office doors sustain a substantial amount of use throughout their life. To ensure that they stand up to high levels of everyday wear and tear, it’s important to consider the best materials for your space. Aluminum clad wood doors, timber doors, and glass doors are all options, each offering their own benefits. Timber and glass doors come out on top … Read More

Solar Power Building Technologies

Lotte World Tower

Solar power technology continues to evolve – emerging as a premier source of renewable, affordable energy. Rising to the challenge of making us less dependent on environmentally damaging fossil fuel, a growing cadre of architects are redefining the future of design by focusing on solar power integration. The principle of solar energy remains unchanged: Photovoltaic materials capture the sun’s energy, … Read More

The Interior Glass Market, 2018

Ubiquitous in our lives since the dawn of civilization, glass is certainly not a new material. But, thanks to changing attitudes and a significant boost from technology, it is experiencing a rebirth as a major player on the interior design landscape. Expanding its product range to accommodate the demands of today’s savvy interior glass market, the industry features forward thinking, … Read More

The Rise of Glass Giants: 20 Different types of glass in a new Seoul

Seoul downtown cityscape

It looks like a simple monolithic tower but the newest, sleekest, addition to the Seoul skyline is actually an exceptional feat of engineering, comprised of 20 different types of glass. The Lotte Tower, a creation of American architectural firm, Kohn, Pederson, Fox (KPF), rises 1821 feet into the clouds—123 stories—making it the tallest building in South Korea and 5th tallest … Read More

Expanding Role of Glass in Construction

Office Building

The science of glass continues to expand by leaps and bounds, creating the foundation for a unique, new architectural dimension that is revolutionizing construction and building design. More and more daring buildings, featuring soaring glass facades, arching canopies, delicate footbridges, and other load bearing glass elements, have onlookers shaking their heads in amazement, wondering if glass wall construction is really … Read More

Looking Through the Glass

Looking through the glass

As ubiquitous as it is in our environment, we are barely aware of it. Perhaps that is because its main purpose is to connect us to what lies beyond it. Glass, once thought to possess magical properties, has been a key element in our lives since 3500 BC, when we figured out how to make it. We created windows and … Read More

The Power of Graphic Design

Creative graphic design

We live in a visual world where daily we are flooded with imagery that both dictates and reflects who we are and whom we should aspire to be. We connect with the symbolism that becomes familiar, absorbing what we see into our brains until it becomes integrated into our cultural identity. Hence the success of branding, which is based on … Read More

3D Buildings: The Homes of the Future?

Cityscape of skyscrapers

Can you even imagine living in a house created by a 3D printer? Then again, 30 years ago, could you even imagine ordering a ride home from an app on the phone in your pocket? The future does have an uncanny way of becoming the present. As with any groundbreaking innovation that has the potential to redefine life as we … Read More

School Architecture and Design

School Architecture and Design

We want our children to learn to think outside the box. Yet, historically school architecture has basically been about confining students to a box and expecting them to flourish creatively and intellectually. Breaking away from the assumption that learning must occur inside a confined space with all eyes on the teacher at the head of the class, today’s architects are … Read More