Can Partition Walls Be Soundproof and Movable?

The short answer to the question of whether or not partition walls can be soundproof and movable is: Yes. The long answer reveals a variety of options that can meet nearly any need in any space. Common disruptions in a space include talking, typing, and the dings and beeps of notifications. Add to that the less noticeable, but still distracting, … Read More

5 Benefits of Demountable Architectural Walls

Flexible architecture, as it relates to a space’s ability to be “malleable, movable, and multi-purpose,” is increasingly becoming the goal in modern design, and more and more companies are turning to flexible architecture to meet the changing needs of their space. To achieve this goal, it is essential to choose materials that encourage an environment of innovation while supporting the … Read More

The Best Modern Commercial Pocket Doors for 2022

The Best Modern Commercial Pocket Doors for 2022

2022 is just around the corner and with it will come new office design trends. Many of the trends for 2022 will build upon trends that have gathered steam in 2021 — an increasing connection to natural elements, creating a hybrid work environment to bridge the gap between work-from-home and the office, and using eco-friendly materials that do less harm … Read More

Social Distancing at Work: A 2020 Change That Will Carry Into the Future

Social Distancing at Work

The world changed in the beginning of 2020. Life as we knew it underwent a radical shift as our collective focus went from our daily tasks and to-do lists to staying healthy and protecting ourselves and loved ones from COVID-19. As we begin 2021, it’s clear the changes that 2020 brought aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the world keeps … Read More

Add a Frosted Glass Office Door to Your Space for Added Privacy

frosted glass office door

In a modern office, open concept designs are giving way to new strategies that maintain a feel of openness while creating privacy for those that need it. To achieve this balance, glass office doors and partitions are often used which offer a host of benefits.  Some of these benefits include allowing natural light into the interior of an office, providing … Read More

7 Glass Curtain Wall Options for Building Interiors

Glass Curtain Walls

Glass curtain walls are a way to add unique style and originality to the interior of your building design. Characterized by glass paired with an aluminum track or framing, glass curtain walls are generally non-load bearing and provide a beautiful aesthetic throughout an office, school, or retail space while creating necessary separation between spaces.  They can also aid in hallway … Read More