The 21st Century Office Infographic

The word “office” has a naturally negative connotation due to what goes on inside of one. Work is something that someone is obligated to partake in, not something that they choose to do.

But as the global economy continues to recover from The Great Recession, a pattern has begun to emerge: companies are—more and more—catering to their employees’ wants and needs. The age of harsh taskmasters demanding long hours and reminding workers how lucky they are is on the way out, instead replaced with bosses who more closely resemble work buddies than supervisors.

As this trend continues to catch on, more companies are finding unique ways to attract talented people to their company. Aside from upgraded benefits packages, these businesses are realizing that creating a healthy work environment can not only attract the workers they want, but help these workers to be as effective as they can possibly be.

Coolest Offices In The World
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