Benefits of Modular Office Wall Systems

Modular wall systems
Collaboration. Transparency. Problem Solving. Change. If your office space is not set up to foster and facilitate all of the above, it may be holding you back. The more sophisticated our understanding of office dynamics becomes, the more it is clear a work space is so much more than a place to plop a computer.

As an integral, defining, piece of a company’s culture, its office space must provide a backdrop that enhances workforce performance. At the same time, the design must be fluid enough to easily transition into new incarnations to accommodate the changes that come with growth and new inspiration.

In short, the alienating, rigid, cubicle concept is on the way out. Innovative modular wall systems that are almost organic in their ability to adapt to a company’s ongoing development are taking their place in the office spotlight.

Whether you are designing a new workspace or considering updating your current space, consider the following benefits of modular office design.

The Bottom Line

With prefabricated materials, modular wall systems can be installed quickly and easily, eliminating the stress of full scale construction. Whether they are erected in a matter of days or in a phased approach over time, the on-site labor requirements are minimal, and less disruptive. Though the initial purchase price may exceed traditional construction, the ability to repurpose, relocate and reconfigure the system can add up to cost savings in the long term.

Modular Wall System Price

Price differences between modular walls and stud and drywall will pivot on the specific design chosen. An efficient modular wall design may be the most cost-effective option if it requires less square footage of office space, and can ultimately cut down real estate costs.
Modular Wall System Price

Greener Work Environment - Modular Wall System Office

From reusable, recyclable materials, to dust-free installation, to “living walls” created from plant life, modular wall systems are a greener, more sustainable approach to office design. In fact, modular design is deemed worthy of credit points by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).
Office Modular Wall Systems - Greener Work Environment

Happiness=Productivity, With Office Modular Wall Systems

Traditional office design that isolated employees in unventilated rooms, flooded with harsh fluorescent lighting, created the antithesis of a healthy workspace. Evolving research shows that improving those conditions with better air quality, lighting and opportunities to get out from behind the desk and interact with colleagues will translate into a higher quality of productivity.

Modular office walls allow for creative layouts that encourage community, collaboration, and conversation. Flexible layouts that can be positioned to take natural light and ventilation into consideration can be the difference between disgruntled employees and those who are involved, comfortable, and motivated to give 100%.

A Flexible Future

Like Lego bricks, modular office walls fit easily together and can be effortlessly taken apart and reconfigured in an infinite number of layouts. Modify the aesthetics of a space, alter parameters to accommodate new technology or take the whole show on the road to a new location. The flexibility and portability of modular walls eliminates both the cost and stress of full scale renovation. Altering the design of your workspace can depend solely on your company’s changing landscape, or your mood—not the constraints of your wallet.

When considering redesigning a current office space or beginning a new business journey, the key is to ask the right question: No matter how well the office design will work today, will it be up to the task of adapting to the needs of tomorrow?