European Startup Hubs For Architects

The three top factors to consider when starting a new architectural firm? Location. Location. Location. The success of a fledgling firm pivots on finding the city that complements your vision for your company’s development as well as your wallet. It’s about finding a locale that is appealing and affordable as both a working and living environment.

Looking for unique opportunities to fuel their creativity, many young architects are taking their passion and ideals across the pond. The European architecture markets in the 5 cities below makes each of them potentially exciting, startup hubs for architects.


Currently rated one of the best startup hubs for architects, Berlin is a sophisticated international city with living costs less inflated than other European locations. Entrepreneurs can live more cheaply and use the savings to support and expand their businesses.

Particularly appealing to startups is the co-working concept which fosters a high level of networking by connecting talent from all over the globe under one roof. Spaces such as Factory Berlin, which boasts an inspiring work environment and the opportunity to exchange ideas with a curated group of professionals, are part of the appeal.



Known for its multicultural population and mentoring programs, Amsterdam is the best of all worlds for startups; a happening city that is also a business-friendly environment. Startups are not only welcomed, they are the focus of Amsterdam’s Startupbootcamp. Connecting entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, Smartbootcamp’s mission is to combine technology and architecture to create smart building solutions. Projects, like an entire 3D bridge, are examples of collaboration between startups and the established corporate world.


The social, economic and political climate in Portugal has created a perfect storm to attract young creatives looking to make their mark in a European architecture hub. Taking advantage of tax incentives designed to lift the country out of its latest economic crises, startups are flocking to Lisbon, and enjoying rent prices and overall cost of living considerably lower than other European cities.

An excess of abandoned buildings in Lisbon means more than just low rent. It means a treasure trove of architectural opportunities rebuilding and revitalizing the city.



More expensive than Lisbon, but offering a low tax structure as well as startup funding and support, Dublin is home to several up and coming architecture firms.

It’s welcoming attitude towards tech business makes Ireland a popular target for foreign investments. For architects, whose profession becomes more a combination of tech and technique every day, Berlin is an emerging startup hub that makes sense.


As a startup hub, Prague is ripe for the picking. Entrepreneurs and investors will find few major competitors, and plenty of growth stimulators like co-working spaces, mentoring programs and reliable funding options. Leading the charge of Eastern European countries trying to attract young, vital business, Prague is a city that welcomes startups and is prepared to help them develop.

Starting a new architecture firm is both costly and stressful. Finding the city that is the right match for your business model and lifestyle can make all the difference. Need help building your vision? Learn more about our inspiration and planning consulting services.