Framed Glass Doors: 7 Office Designs with Glass Doors That are Framed

Office doors sustain a lot of use over their lifetimes and are the first impression of an office as people enter, so it’s important to choose an office door that can stand up to use over time and make a good impression while doing it. One option that offers a host of benefits for the office is a framed glass door.

Whether the frame is on the surrounding wall or the door itself is framed, incorporating doors that are framed into an office design can help to reduce fingerprints, increase natural light, provide versatile solutions, and enhance the office aesthetic.

Benefits of Framed Glass Doors

1. Reduces Fingerprints

A common concern when choosing a glass door for the office is its tendency to show fingerprints left behind after use. Installing a framed glass door allows people to use the frame when opening and closing the door. 

The frame on the surrounding wall also gives employees somewhere to rest their hands. Both cases help to reduce fingerprints on the actual glass. 

Framed glass doors can also be self-closing, which further reduces fingerprints.

2. Accommodate Various Configurations

Hinged framed doors can accommodate various wall configurations, allowing for maximum customization. They can be integrated into a straight or curved wall configuration. 

Another way to accommodate different configurations is to tailor the height of the door to your specific needs. The height of framed glass doors is only limited by the height of the partition. This gives you the ability to create offices or conference rooms in large spaces.

3. Versatile Solutions

Offices are no longer a standard variety cubicle farm, which means that versatile solutions are needed for today’s modern offices. Options for framed glass doors include free swing or self-closing varieties. Different varieties of glazing are also available, including tempered, laminated, low iron, or LCD glazing to accommodate the unique needs of your office.

For wider entries, framed glass doors can be installed as a pair to fit the space. They also look great with glass partitions, and can  be integrated into solid walls.

4. Customizable Design

Another benefit to choosing framed glass doors for your office is the ability to customize the glass. Whether you choose clear, patterned, or choose to include a custom graphic, you can be sure that the glass will reflect the aesthetic and values of your office.

5. Natural Light

Allowing natural light into an office space provides a host of benefits for employees. Reducing seasonal depression, elevating mood and productivity, and improving sleep are just a few of the benefits that come with natural light. Incorporating a glass door either in a glass partition system or into a solid wall office design allows for more light to enter the space. 

7 Design Ideas for Framed Glass Doors

1. Modern and Minimal

Inspired by modern and minimalist design, a black framed glass door creates a stunning contrast to the glass office panels. This door integrates seamlessly into the Transverso™ Monoblock Modular Partition System. This double glazed modular partition system creates a smaller workspace where noise is reduced, yet it feels like part of the larger office. 

2. A Classic Wood and Glass Combination

A classic combination of wood and glass elevates this contemporary office setting. Choosing to frame a glass door with wood gives it a grounding presence and adds warmth to the design, especially when surrounded by the glass partitions that are used to create the office walls.

3. Curve It

Settled into a curved glass partitioned conference room, this hinged door ensures that the design remains continuous. As part of the Elevare™ Mullion high wall partition system, a framed glass door stands out and provides a clearly marked entrance into the conference room. 

4. Framed Glass Doors in a Modular System

In a Transverso™ Monoblock Modular Partition System, framed glass doors integrate seamlessly into the pre-assembled units. With this freestanding system, installation is quick and efficient, and the framed glass doors provide easy access to the office cubicle. 

5. Enjoy an Industrial Aesthetic

For a stunning contrast, pair glass framed doors with a black frame. Integrated into the partition system, this design evokes an industrial aesthetic. The full height door allows the wall design to remain continuous, adding length to the room and creating an open feel.

6. Create a Continuous Look

In this design, the glass office partitions are framed in white, but the door itself is frameless giving the impression of a framed door. The pattern on the glass extends onto the door, creating a continuous look while the frame allows the door to stand out.

7. Pair with Statement Hardware

If a full height framed glass door didn’t make enough of a statement, you can pair it with statement hardware to elevate the look. A ladder pull handle ensures easy access without the need to turn a knob or twist a lever.

Design Your Office with Framed Glass Doors

Avanti Systems designs framed glass doors that integrate seamlessly into our glass partition systems as well as into solid walls. With unparalleled customization options, you can create the perfect office environment with easy entry and exit into the space.

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