7 Interior Glazed Curtain Wall Design Ideas

Curtain walls are typically seen on the exterior of a building and are responsible for the glass facade of many high rise buildings. Since they don’t bear any structural weight, they are the perfect way to create a clean and contemporary building facade. Curtain walls can also be incorporated into the building’s interior to create a functional way to separate spaces while also adding aesthetic value to the office design.

Interior Glazed Curtain Wall Design Ideas

These seven design ideas will provide inspiration and ideas for incorporating glazed curtain walls into your space.

1. Create Separate Spaces

Elevare™ Point Support Single Glazed 

A large industrial space is often required to serve a variety of purposes. The addition of traditional walls to separate a space creates dark interior areas, making small spaces seem smaller and dark areas darker. 

To create a bright interior, the Elevare™ Point Support Single Glazed curtain wall system meets the versatile needs of a large space. The perimeters are fastened to solid walls, creating a contemporary look where it is needed most. This system allows for the reconfiguration, movement, and relocation of the connection elements with minimal holes in the main support structure. If/when your needs change, your curtain walls can be reconfigured to meet your new space requirements.  

2. Make a Grand Entrance

Elevare™ Stacking Double Glazed 

Exterior entryways get a lot of attention. They are the face of the building that everyone sees whether they are entering or just walking by. IUsing the Elevare™ Stacking Double Glazed curtain wall system, the Iowa School of Music created a grand entrance to their recital hall in the interior of the building. This system is stackable to create high walled entrances in large spaces. In high visibility areas where sound control is important, this innovative system is perfect. It also supports the glass without drilling or cut outs and is streamlined for energy performance. 

3. Let the Light Shine In

Elevare™ Stacking Double Glazed 

Another use for the Elevare™ Stacking Double Glazed high wall system is as an interior curtain wall that provides an atrium view to areas below. When the curtain wall is placed near exterior windows, it allows light to flow further into the interior of the building. The view to the lower floor creates a gathering place or seating area that benefits from natural light.

4. Welcome an Industrial Feel

Elevare™ Mullion 

Exposed wires give this Elevare™ Mullion installation an industrial feel while welcoming people into the space. The aluminum mullions that frame the glass offer a sleek separation of panels, and the high wall system allows the curtain wall to span from floor-to-ceiling. Suitable for different needs, the Iowa School of Music used this system as a partition between their music library and hallway. The glass ensures that students and staff see the interior and feel welcomed in.

5. A Flexible Conference Room

Elevare™ Mullion

In a large conference room, the Elevare™ Mullion curtain wall creates a contemporary look. The vertical aluminum mullions support the glass partition wall which is supported by solid walls at the perimeter. The curtain wall isn’t structural, so it can be moved or reconfigured if necessary, allowing a conference room to expand or change roles entirely. Custom frosting on the bottom half of the glass provides visual privacy during meetings.

6. Seamless Integration

Elevare™ Tension High Wall System  

The Elevare™ Tension high wall system is an innovative support system for monolithic, laminated, or insulating glass that is installed without drilling or cut outs. With a maximum panel height of 30’-0”, this curtain wall system can be straight, angled, or curved, allowing for its seamless integration into your design.

7. Create Cubicles

Elevare™ Stacking Double Glazed 

While many applications of a curtain wall are high walled, the Elevare™ Stacking Double Glazed wall system can also be used to create office cubicles and other smaller rooms within a large space. The stacking double glazed curtain wall system is designed to allow for the movement, reconfiguration, or relocation of the panels, creating unparalleled flexibility for the needs of your space, and custom frosting means that you’ll have privacy where you need it most.

Create the Perfect Space

Installing glazed curtain walls in your space allows you unparalleled flexibility and customization. From high wall systems that reach from floor-to-ceiling to stacking double glazed systems that can create atrium walls or office cubicles, you can create the perfect space with glazed curtain walls. Contact Avanti Systems to discuss your design options today!