Add a Modern Touch to the Office with Glass Barn Doors

Let’s face it, office design can quickly slide into the ho-hum typical walled off, cubicle landscape that we’re all familiar with. With a few simple additions and design upgrades, the style of an office can be elevated to become a beautiful and functional place that people look forward to going to each day.

To combat the typical office layouts, modern office designs are making use of glass partitions and partitioning systems that allow for a bright workspace that brings natural light into the interior of the office while also making outside views available throughout. This style can be taken a step further with the incorporation of glass barn doors instead of traditional doors. Incorporating glass barn doors adds a modern touch to the office and allows for unobstructed views while maximizing office space, allowing for design flexibility, and helping to maintain a quiet work environment.

Maximize office space

Choosing to incorporate a glass barn door into the office design means that you’ll be able to maximize office space. Regardless of whether the doors are open or closed, they will remain tight to the walls, whether glass or traditional drywall.

Rather than having to design offices and conference rooms with door clearance in mind, this streamlined design allows all of the office space to be used for office functions.

Design flexibility

A far cry from traditional doors, glass barn doors offer an incredible amount of design flexibility. Depending on the available space, single doors can be used in areas where space is at a premium, or double doors can be installed to create varying door widths since they can be fully or partially opened.

Barn doors with glass can also be customized to fit the desired space, creating additional flexibility. They are available in curved or angled alignment, making them even more suitable for adding a modern touch to nearly any office setting. Whether for a circular conference room or curved entrance, a curved design creates a contemporary feel in a modern office. For angled entries, barn doors are the perfect complement to a non-traditional design.

Quiet closure

An office benefits from having lower noise levels. According to data from The Center on the Built Environment, a lack of sound privacy was the most common complaint from employees working in an open office space.

Including glass partitions in the office, design helps to create sound privacy in the workplace which allows employees to focus on the task at hand. A benefit of incorporating glass barn doors is that they further allow for quiet office spaces due to their quiet closure. The glass door slides on the track and comes to a stop quietly without disturbing the larger office by eliminating the slamming sound that is common when traditional doors are frequently opened and closed throughout the workday.

Natural light

In an office, incorporating natural light into the design is one of the best things that can be done for employee well-being and overall office aesthetics. Utilizing barn doors with glass means that natural light can find its way into the interior office space. Even when paired with traditional walls, modern glass barn doors allow light to reach past the offices with exterior windows. When paired with glass partitioning systems, barn doors with glass further help to allow light passage into the interior.

Add a modern touch

Whether in a commercial or residential design space, barn doors have become a staple in modern design trends that is here to stay. Modern barn doors with glass diverge from the standard rustic wood doors to create something unique and functional.

3 Things to Consider


Space is a major consideration in any office setting. Not only does there need to be enough space to accommodate the office staff, whether in individual offices or co-working spaces, but, in many cases, additional space considerations include common areas, conference rooms, break rooms, kitchen space, small meeting rooms, showrooms, etc.

Before choosing the office doors, space considerations should be taken into account. The benefit of incorporating modern glass barn doors is that they don’t take up additional space or need clearance when they open or close. Since they slide, nearly flush, along the existing walls, the doors won’t restrict the flow of traffic when they’re open, creating additional space for other office needs.

Doorway size

The size of the doorway must be taken into account when considering the addition or incorporation of a glass barn door. This door style allows for additional flexibility as they can be installed as a single door for a standard doorway or as a set of double doors in a wider doorway.

Installing double doors creates the option of an easier traffic flow and doors can be opened partially or one at a time to create a customized entrance size.


As with any project, ensuring that the structure will support the hardware necessary to hang a barn door with glass is essential. It’s also important to take the existing or new wall material into consideration. Avanti glass barn doors are compatible with both glass partition systems and traditional walls, providing for a beautiful and customized office design.

If you’re ready to add a modern touch to your office space, contact Avanti Systems to discuss the right products for your office.