Which Interior All Glass Partition Glazing Wall Style is Best for Your Space?

Interior Glass Glazing

Designing interior space calls for lots of decision making. When you’re adding interior glazing to a design, there are different options that work best in different applications. 

What Is Interior Glass Glazing?

Interior glazing refers to the process of installing glass in windows or walls. Glazing is available in a few different options. The glass itself can be tempered, laminated, low iron, or LCD. It can also be single-glazed, consisting of a single pane of glass, or double-glazed, consisting of two panes of glass with space in between.

Benefits of Interior Glazed Walls

Regardless of the type of glazing you select, glass partitions offer a host of benefits:

Natural light 

Glass partitions create a bright interior space. A far cry from the closed off interiors when traditional walls are used, interior glass allows light to penetrate to the interior of the space, which leads to numerous benefits for employees since natural light reduces stress, leads to better sleep, and boosts morale throughout the office.

An Open Feel

An open concept office promotes collaboration and community, but it also comes with downsides, namely a lack of visual and sound privacy. Glass partitions solve these problems by allowing for an open feel while increasing visual privacy through strategic frosting or integrated blinds. Sound privacy is also increased as a result of the acoustic rating.

Promotes Social Distancing 

As offices return to normal operations, social distancing is a necessity to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Installing glass walls creates the recommended distance necessary to protect staff while still maintaining an open feel.

Flexible and Movable

Glass partitions are demountable, which allows you to remove and reconfigure the partitions as necessary. Movable walls give you the option to customize the space to your needs at any given moment.

Options to fit your space

Glass partitions are flexible, so there are lots of options to fit your space and needs.. Options include single or double glazing and the type of glass-tempered, laminated, or low iron.

Glass Partition Wall Styles

Single Glazed

Single Glazed - Interior Glass Glazing

Solare™ Single Glazed Frameless Partition System

Single glazed interior glass refers to a glass partition with one pane of glass. 

Aesthetically superior to solid walls, full height floor-to-ceiling applications of single glazed glass partition walls allow visibility throughout the office. They create an open feel while partitioning off cubicles, conference rooms, and other spaces.

Single Glazed Interior Glass

Double Glazed

Double Glazed - Interior All Glass Partion Glazing

Solare™ Double Glazed Frameless Partition System

Avanti’s Solare™ Double Glazed Frameless Partition System provides the transparency of glass but has the acoustic rating of a solid wall. It allows natural light to flow through the office and creates an open feel without compromising sound privacy. In a space where sound privacy is important, a double glazed all-glass partition system would be the best choice. Double glazed glass walls still provide high levels of light, transparency, and visibility but prevents distractions from conversations, typing, and other office noises.

Double Glazed All-Glass Partition System

The double glazed partition system has the option of integral blinds that are sandwiched between the two panes of glass. These blinds will add even more privacy to your space. 

Types of Glass

Once you’ve decided whether a single glazed or double glazed partition system is the best fit for your space, it’s time to choose the type of glass to install. Avanti has three glass options, each with their own benefits:

LCD Privacy Glass

LCD Privacy Glass

LCD privacy glass is the ultimate in high tech flexibility. With the flick of a switch, glass transforms from transparent to translucent. In 1 millisecond, you can switch between a space perfect for private meetings or an open visual line of sight that makes the room feel like part of the larger office.

Tempered Glazing

Tempered safety glass is a great choice for high traffic areas where glass has the potential to break. Tempered glazing is specifically manufactured to break in small granular chunks rather than sharp, jagged pieces, making it safer in areas where it is more likely to sustain an impact and break.

Low Iron Glazing

Low iron glazing is an extra-clear glass that increases the amount of light that can reach the interior space. It removes the blueish tint that can be seen in large panels of glass, increasing the aesthetic appearance.

Laminated Glazing

A good choice in high traffic areas, laminated glass will hold together if it is broken. Because it is manufactured by sandwiching an interlayer between two layers of glass, if an impact occurs, the glass doesn’t break into large shards, but is rather held together in a spiderweb pattern.

Important Considerations When Choosing Glass Partitions

When choosing glass partitions, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.


In office spaces where high visibility and natural light is a priority, low iron glazing creates the ultra-clear glass to allow for both. 


Single and double glazed partition systems both have the option of custom frosting to create privacy within the office spaces. The double glazed system also includes the option of integral blinds for added visual privacy. Both systems allow for LCD privacy glass that lets you create instant privacy with the flip of a switch.


In high traffic areas, tempered or laminated glazing are the best options. In the event that they would sustain an impact, they won’t break into the large jagged shards that increase the likelihood of an injury. Tempered glass will crumble into small chunks that would need to be cleaned up immediately. Laminated glass would remain standing since the broken glass remains bonded to the interior layer.

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