Open Plan Offices: The Next Step

The goal: Organizational health. The key: A workspace that promotes and supports the mental, physical and social health of the workforce. It’s as simple—and complex—as that. Faced with the task of creating environments that foster optimal achievement, today’s office designers are forced to think outside the cubicle and adapt to a new, more organic office culture. Pursuant to our deeper … Read More

The Emergence of the Open Concept Workspace

Open office concept: Water cooler half-empty or half-full? Americans have been in a love/hate relationship with the open office concept for over a century. As an early advocate for the open interior, Frank Lloyd Wright created the Larkin Administration Building in 1906. It was an open plan factory with minimal walls and considered the first truly modern office. His theory … Read More

The Psychology of Workspace Design

Yesterday, office design was considered one small piece of the productivity puzzle. Today, with shifting business models and a keener understanding of workspace design psychology, we know the two are inexorably linked. More aware than ever before of the connection between fiscal success and the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of the workforce, companies are aiming for human centric … Read More

Healthcare Architecture and Design

Hospital Partitions and Modern Hospital Building

Healthcare architecture and design has never been more challenging—or forward thinking. As a highly specialized genre, today’s hospital design is not a pursuit for building professionals attached to the status quo. Extensive research and attention to details that impact patients and staff has given birth to a new generation of evidence-based hospital design. Working from the findings that a hospital’s … Read More

A Gateway To A Translucent Space

Translucent Doors & Sliding Glass Door Systems

The typical point of entry into an interior environment tends to be simple, boring, and often mediocre. The primary purpose is to allow access, paying no attention to any crucial design attributes Avanti Eclipse sliding glass doors are a collection of quality Sliding Glass Door Systems that provide a contemporary solution to applying design and seamless flexibility. Integrated Sliding Glass … Read More