5 Best Apps for Architects

Your client has a dream. Whether it’s a house, office complex, hospital, hotel or convention center, it’s a vision fueled by personality, taste, lifestyle, desires, and any of a long list of intangibles. In the not too distant past, translating that dream into reality was a grueling process of trial and error, with a huge miscommunication potential. Fortunately, today’s building … Read More

The Perception of Color in Architecture

The colors of our world are as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Impacting us on both the physiological and psychological levels, they have a profound influence on our moods, emotions and overall outlook. Applying the principles of color psychology in architecture is about taking advantage of this universal visual and visceral language, integrating it into building design to enhance … Read More

Millennials in Architecture

Attention architects: The millennial express is speeding down the tracks. If you’re a Baby Boomer, or Gen X-er, it’s time to get on board—or get out of the way. Estimated to make up 75% of the architectural workforce by 2025, the millennials will soon be the driving force behind the culture of design. Their drawing boards will be filled with … Read More

Diversity in the Architecture Field: Famous Female Architects

Architecture is a profession of contradictions. As an artform that both shapes and reflects every aspect of our culture, it demands the creativity, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills, of a hugely diverse talent pool. And yet, it is typically perceived as a bastion of male tradition with a significant gender gap. Lower salaries, combined with fewer career building opportunities, have … Read More

Suspended Swimming Pool Designs

There are above ground pools, and there are above ground pools. Sure, there are some pretty spectacular and inspired designs with customized shapes and accoutrements like waterfalls and swim up bars. Not bad places to pull up a chaise and sip a cocktail. But they pale by comparison to the latest cutting-edge design trend. Today it is suspended swimming pool … Read More

High Efficiency Design in Schools

High Efficiency Design in Schools“I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” So sang the late Whitney Houston, reminding us so eloquently just how important it is to cherish our greatest resource. As parents we strive to create safe and nurturing home environments for our precious little ones, but home is not … Read More