9 Innovative Conference Rooms to Set the Tone of Your Office Space

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Taking your meetings to the next level and creating a sense of excitement around the work you do can be as simple as designing an innovative conference room that sets the tone of your office space. Innovative Conference Room Design Ideas Rather than a drab and impersonal room where you can “get down to business,” these innovative conference rooms inspire … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Sliding Glass Walls in Commercial Spaces

Sliding Pocket Door

Sliding glass walls offer a touch of modern style to any office design. They are installed on a track that is seamlessly integrated into the existing walls or systems, and they come in a wide range of options and styles. Available as assisted-close, automatic, pocket, or barn door style, sliding glass walls add versatility to office space while maintaining a … Read More

27 Glass Partition Design Ideas to Open Up Your Office Space

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A growing trend that has revolutionized today’s office design is the inclusion of glass partitions to separate workspaces. As offices focus on creating a more open and collaborative work environment for their employees, glass partitions have become the logical means to achieve this end. As an added bonus, many offices seeking LEED credits can earn points by installing glass office … Read More

5 Commercial Office Design Trends for 2022

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As we enter a new decade, it’s important to look ahead at upcoming trends in commercial office design. Design trends are constantly changing and fluctuating, but many of the upcoming trends bring improvements to out-dated commercial office designs that are here to stay. Moving into 2022, commercial office design space ideas will continue to evolve but will likely build on … Read More

6 Reasons Why Glass Office Cubicles Are Superior to Traditional Cubicle Designs

Office Wall Partitions - Glass Office Cubicles

As the world moves forward into a new decade, many traditional office designs are becoming a thing of the past. Cubicles that are impersonal and identical are being replaced with the cutting edge technology of LCD privacy glass, sliding glass walls, and flexible glass partitioning systems. Modern offices focus on collaboration over isolation. Open concept over divided floor plans. And … Read More

Why Demountable Partitions Are the Right Choice for Your Business

Demountable partitions are wall systems that can be removed and reinstalled into a different configuration based on the current and future needs of your business. They are installed on a track from which they can be easily moved with little hassle or mess to clean up. This makes them the ideal choice for your business that is always evolving. 5 … Read More

Modular Office Partition Walls Offer Flexibility for Your Business

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Imagining a typical office space generally calls to mind rows and rows of cubicles. They’re sterile and impersonal, but you can customize yours by pinning pictures of your family and dog to the fabric walls. Coworkers peer over the partition to ask a question before ducking back into the isolation of their cube. Conversation is muffled and collaboration is hindered. … Read More

Conference Room Glass Walls Provide an Open Feel While Maintaining Privacy

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Maintaining a balance between open areas and needed privacy can be a challenge for any office space. While open areas invite collaboration and creativity, private spaces are needed for employees to work on important projects quietly and without distraction. Luckily, this challenge can be easily overcome with the incorporation of conference room glass walls. Incorporating this design feature into your … Read More

4 Amazing Benefits of Installing Switchable Privacy Glass

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Incorporating windows, glass partitions, and glass doors into the design of a business has a number of benefits. They allow light to flood into a room. They create a connection to the outdoors and provide the feel of a wide open space while still maintaining a separation between rooms. In many modern offices, traditional glass panels are being upgraded for … Read More

Important Marketing Touchstones for Modern Architects

Marketing for architects presents a unique challenge. On the one hand, it is an essential ingredient for success. On the other hand, most firms are small to medium sized and do not have the resources for dedicated staff to create and publicize their brand. The good news is, being smart and strategic about spreading the message does not require a … Read More