What is an Ecocapsule?

A cross between a luxury tent and quaint cottage, Ecocapsule® is about the ultimate glamping experience. This completely portable, self-sustainable, smart house boasts about 68 square feet of usable space and can be your home away from home anytime, anywhere for just under 100,000 American dollars. That’s roughly 79,000 British pounds. But don’t let that throw you. Its manufacturers promise … Read More

4 Tips to Be a More Efficient Architect

You chose architecture because you are a creative, three-dimensional thinker who wants to make a lasting, artistic impact on the culture and the landscape. Or you just love buildings and want to design them. No matter what motivates you, at the end of the day, architecture is a unique pursuit in that it is equal parts art and business. Unfortunately, … Read More

5 Tips for Tech Savvy Architects

When it comes to architecture, there is technology and there is technology. On the grander scale, technology has essentially revolutionized building design. From Building Information Modeling (BIM), to virtual reality, Computer Aided Design (CAD) is no longer a futuristic fantasy. It is an integral part of the architectural process and firms are being forced to update and upgrade in order … Read More

What is LEED and LEED Certification

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating system designed to provide a framework to create healthy, highly efficient, cost effective green buildings. As the most widely used green accreditation in the world, LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of achievement in sustainable design. The certification is credit based, allowing projects to earn points … Read More

Benefits of Modular Office Wall Systems

Modular wall systems

Collaboration. Transparency. Problem Solving. Change. If your office space is not set up to foster and facilitate all of the above, it may be holding you back. The more sophisticated our understanding of office dynamics becomes, the more it is clear a work space is so much more than a place to plop a computer. As an integral, defining, piece … Read More

The Rise of Smart Cities: 4 Cities to Know

Your phone is smart. Your TV is smart. Even your car is getting smarter by the minute. The technology we have integrated into our individual lives impacts us on every level. Just imagine applying that same technology to affect mass improvements on a citywide scale. In fact, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. Around the world, municipalities are partnering … Read More

Changes in Urban Living and the Future of Architecture

The dream of the white picket fence and manicured lawn is the past. A new urban spirit is driving a migration to the cities where a different dream is taking root. Forget the old image of the menacing concrete jungle. Today’s urban living celebrates city life with living spaces designed to accommodate urban living changes and enhance the city experience. … Read More

European Startup Hubs For Architects

The three top factors to consider when starting a new architectural firm? Location. Location. Location. The success of a fledgling firm pivots on finding the city that complements your vision for your company’s development as well as your wallet. It’s about finding a locale that is appealing and affordable as both a working and living environment. Looking for unique opportunities … Read More

Virtual Reality in Architecture

There is nothing virtual about the reality of how virtual reality (VR) has revolutionized the practice of architecture. Already a fixture in the design process, virtual reality architecture software is now poised to literally break through walls and transition from assisting to empowering building design. With innovations like multi-user technology and the possibility of virtual real time design on the … Read More

Architecture Differences Across Cultures

Architecture is the quintessential cultural time capsule. Not only does it reflect the cultural identity of the present, it is also the embodiment of how its creators wish to project their image to the future. Think of architecture across cultures as concrete documentation of the social, economic, and political dynamics of the groups they represent. No other artform more profoundly … Read More