Expanding Role of Glass in Construction

Office Building

The science of glass continues to expand by leaps and bounds, creating the foundation for a unique, new architectural dimension that is revolutionizing construction and building design. More and more daring buildings, featuring soaring glass facades, arching canopies, delicate footbridges, and other load bearing glass elements, have onlookers shaking their heads in amazement, wondering if glass wall construction is really … Read More

Looking Through the Glass

Looking through the glass

As ubiquitous as it is in our environment, we are barely aware of it. Perhaps that is because its main purpose is to connect us to what lies beyond it. Glass, once thought to possess magical properties, has been a key element in our lives since 3500 BC, when we figured out how to make it. We created windows and … Read More

Making a Good First Impression: The Reception Area

The Reception Area

“You had me at hello.” A classic line from the movie Jerry Maguire, but also exactly the response any company wants the moment potential consumers enter their premises. As the point of first contact, the reception area is like your company’s opening act. If it bombs, the audience may not be interested in seeing the rest, no matter how Tony … Read More

The Power of Graphic Design

Creative graphic design

We live in a visual world where daily we are flooded with imagery that both dictates and reflects who we are and whom we should aspire to be. We connect with the symbolism that becomes familiar, absorbing what we see into our brains until it becomes integrated into our cultural identity. Hence the success of branding, which is based on … Read More

Whispering Architecture – The Acoustic of The Space

Solare double glazed

Though the word acoustic is derived from the Greek word akoustikos, meaning “of or for hearing”, it was a Roman who officially established the science of architectural sound. In his treatise, dated around 20 BC, architect and engineer Vitruvius describes the ascending seating in theaters as a purposeful means of directing sound waves and optimizing sound quality. Our 21st century … Read More

3D Buildings: The Homes of the Future?

Cityscape of skyscrapers

Can you even imagine living in a house created by a 3D printer? Then again, 30 years ago, could you even imagine ordering a ride home from an app on the phone in your pocket? The future does have an uncanny way of becoming the present. As with any groundbreaking innovation that has the potential to redefine life as we … Read More

Open Plan Offices: The Next Step

The goal: Organizational health. The key: A workspace that promotes and supports the mental, physical and social health of the workforce. It’s as simple—and complex—as that. Faced with the task of creating environments that foster optimal achievement, today’s office designers are forced to think outside the cubicle and adapt to a new, more organic office culture. Pursuant to our deeper … Read More

The Emergence of the Open Concept Workspace

Open office concept: Water cooler half-empty or half-full? Americans have been in a love/hate relationship with the open office concept for over a century. As an early advocate for the open interior, Frank Lloyd Wright created the Larkin Administration Building in 1906. It was an open plan factory with minimal walls and considered the first truly modern office. His theory … Read More

The Psychology of Workspace Design

Yesterday, office design was considered one small piece of the productivity puzzle. Today, with shifting business models and a keener understanding of workspace design psychology, we know the two are inexorably linked. More aware than ever before of the connection between fiscal success and the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of the workforce, companies are aiming for human centric … Read More

History of Doors : Design and Usage

No matter who we are or where we live, doors around the world have consistently protected us from the elements and defined our comings and goings. These iconic structures are symbols of life passages; transitions, endings, new beginnings. As we move through them—literally and figuratively—every day, we are part of a shared human behavior that began as an instinct for … Read More