The Importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM building information modeling

To call BIM (Building Information Modeling) state-of-the-art construction software is like calling the internet a helpful little informational tool. Gross understatement. As the industry transitions from paper based linear processes to a collaborative digital approach that supports integrative practices, BIM is the essential link in the chain, the key to landing and successfully executing contracts. In a climate of intense … Read More

Retail Architecture and Design

famous luxury shopping mall

In a world where you can simply press “enter” and a drone will bring the consumer good of your dreams almost immediately to your door, why schlep to the mall? Consumers have thrown down the gauntlet, threatening to doom retail brick and mortar to extinction. Retail architects and designers are rising to the challenge, scribbling furiously on their drawing boards … Read More

Healthcare Architecture and Design

Hospital Partitions and Modern Hospital Building

Healthcare architecture and design has never been more challenging—or forward thinking. As a highly specialized genre, today’s hospital design is not a pursuit for building professionals attached to the status quo. Extensive research and attention to details that impact patients and staff has given birth to a new generation of evidence-based hospital design. Working from the findings that a hospital’s … Read More

It’s Clear Smart Glass has a Bright Future

Now you see through it. Now you don’t. Like magic, smart glass transforms from transparent to translucent at the flick of a switch. Redefining a building’s ability to control privacy, light, sun, and glare, as well as energy efficiency, smart glass is opening up exciting new frontiers for architects and designers. So, just what is smart glass? The science behind … Read More

School Architecture and Design

School Architecture and Design

We want our children to learn to think outside the box. Yet, historically school architecture has basically been about confining students to a box and expecting them to flourish creatively and intellectually. Breaking away from the assumption that learning must occur inside a confined space with all eyes on the teacher at the head of the class, today’s architects are … Read More

A Gateway To A Translucent Space

Translucent Doors & Sliding Glass Door Systems

The typical point of entry into an interior environment tends to be simple, boring, and often mediocre. The primary purpose is to allow access, paying no attention to any crucial design attributes Avanti Eclipse sliding glass doors are a collection of quality Sliding Glass Door Systems that provide a contemporary solution to applying design and seamless flexibility. Integrated Sliding Glass … Read More