9 Tips for Office Soudproofing

Office Soundproofing

Shared office spaces can be notoriously noisy thanks to workplace chatter, typing, phones ringing, slamming doors, whirring machines. It all comes together in a cacophony of sound that is distracting and decreases productivity. In some cases, “excessive or continual sounds can affect the physical and mental health of employees.” Office soundproofing can not only benefit employee productivity but also employee … Read More

Coworking Space Design: 11 Ideas for a Shared Office

Coworking spaces have become popular with the rise of freelancing and remote work, and they fill a need for those who don’t have a traditional office space in which to work. With over 1 million people predicted to be using coworking spaces by 2022, this type of space represents a growing need for many. Coworking Space Design Ideas Designing a … Read More

Modern Conference Room Design Ideas for Collaborative Productivity

Office design has come a long way since the cubicle farms and corner suites of the 80s and 90s. Modern design has evolved into offices that feature flexible workspaces, an open feel, and a focus on collaborative productivity. Modern conference room design further supports this evolution as a place where people can come together and share ideas. Bright and open … Read More

How to Plan a Better Medical Office Design

Going to the doctor or dentist doesn’t usually top the list of fun ways to spend the day, but a modern medical office that is designed with the patient’s comfort in mind can go a long way towards creating a more positive patient experience. In addition to larger elements like partition systems and cabinet materials, any little touches that can … Read More

Project Spotlight: Ford Dagenham

Ford Dagenham in London, England was founded in the 1930s as an automobile manufacturer. In 2002, it no longer focused on vehicle assembly but shifted its focus to manufacturing engines, and in 2008, was the largest producer of Ford diesel engines globally. It is the home of the “Panther line” that manufactures EcoBlue engines that power Ford’s vehicles including the … Read More

9 Benefits of Natural Light in Office Spaces

benefits of natural light in the workplace

Proper lighting in the workplace, especially natural light at work, provides incredible benefits for employees. Studies even show that natural lighting is the #1 office perk according to employees. Often, however, natural light and views of the outdoors that could be available are obscured by shades or blinds to reduce glare or uncomfortable heat. It’s difficult to deny the attraction … Read More

9 Design Ideas for a Glass Enclosed Office Space

Glass Enclosed Office Space

To design a space that is welcoming and open and also takes health safety and privacy into consideration is no easy task. However, it becomes much easier when you incorporate glass walls into an office space. Glass enclosed office spaces bring a sleek and modern aesthetic to an office while creating spaces that allow employees to work without noisy distractions. … Read More

10 of the Top Commercial Interior Design Trends

Commercial Interior Design Trends

2020 took everyone by surprise, and with many companies transitioning to work-from-home models throughout the year, offices were left empty. Fortunately, 2021 is seeing many employees returning to work. Some are eager, ready to get out of the house, but for others, the transition back to work will be difficult.  Even as people return to work, it’s clear that changes … Read More

Social Distancing at Work: A 2020 Change That Will Carry Into the Future

Social Distancing at Work

The world changed in the beginning of 2020. Life as we knew it underwent a radical shift as our collective focus went from our daily tasks and to-do lists to staying healthy and protecting ourselves and loved ones from COVID-19. As we begin 2021, it’s clear the changes that 2020 brought aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the world keeps … Read More

Add a Frosted Glass Office Door to Your Space for Added Privacy

frosted glass office door

In a modern office, open concept designs are giving way to new strategies that maintain a feel of openness while creating privacy for those that need it. To achieve this balance, glass office doors and partitions are often used which offer a host of benefits.  Some of these benefits include allowing natural light into the interior of an office, providing … Read More